Credit Cards Review

Credit cards have been used for years as the first, last and only way to deposit funds to online gambling and online poker operations by many customers. Credit cards do indeed offer a straightforward, simple and secure way to handle online poker related money-matters. Although casinos and online poker rooms don’t really feature credit cards in their ‘preferred payment methods’ section these days, for many players, they still represent the best payment solution. The advantages offered by credit cards are obvious: payments are instant, safe and secure. The encryption the bank uses to safeguard such transfers is always top-notch and thus pretty much immune to abuse. Credit card payments are available to US players. While they do indeed offer great security and almost non-existent fees, the most popular e-wallets are generally off-limits to the US public. Credit cards on the other hand can still be used, although there are definitely exceptions too. Credit card users don’t have to create another account at some site in order to be able to make payments/receive money. The solution is pretty much a fire and forget one. Multiple currencies are obviously supported by credit cards.

The drawbacks of this payment solution are unfortunately just as obvious. First and utmost, some banks don't accept gambling and online poker, and this is especially true for US banks. The 2006 UIGEA expressly requires these financial institutions to block such transfers, therefore US players may find themselves unable to make that all-important deposit.

Some casinos/poker sites are not keen on receiving/sending out credit card transfers. There are various authorities out there which can and do track such financial moves and due to the unclear and often confusing legal situation regarding online poker in various parts of the world, operators may find themselves in legal hot water without even knowing it. This is why most online casino/poker operators have limits on credit card deposits.

At the end of the day, a player looking to make a credit card deposit to an online poker room should simply read up on the reviews of the operation in regards to preferred/accepted payment methods.

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