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Regardless of your playing level, rakeback is an essential tool to making online poker more profitable. Almost every poker network / site these days has some form of rakeback, and if you are not taking advantage, you are missing out on free money. Follow the simple guide below to get the best rakeback deals available.

First, create a RakeMeBack account and login. In your account, you will see a list of all rakeback deals available. Click any poker room and follow the detailed instructions to get rakeback at that room.

Once your poker account has been created, we will verify that it has been set up correctly. Then, all you need to do is play poker like usual and your rakeback will automatically be tracked.

You can track your rakeback stats via your My Account section of RakeMeBack. Depending on the poker room, you will receive your rakeback payments automatically daily, weekly or monthly.

What is Rakeback?

Every online poker room charges a rake (fee) for every real money hand you play, and for tournaments as well. This amount is generally 5% - 10% of the pot size, so as you can imagine the numbers add up quickly. As the poker world became more competitive, rakeback was introduced by some poker rooms as an incentive to recruit new players and/or retain existing players.

Why should I get Rakeback?

RakeMeBack can be the difference between being a winning and losing player. There are many players who play high-volume break even play, who earn tremendous sums strictly through their rakeback. Anyone who doesn't have rakeback, on rooms that allow it, is giving away free money.

How much rakeback can I get?

The amount of rakeback that you can make depends on multiple factors.  The two key factors are the rakeback percent and the gross amount of rake you generate.  For our sample chart, we use this simple equation used to estimate rake: 5% * Average pot size * Raked hands / Players = Rake

Hands * Players Blinds Rake % Rakeback
1000 6 $2-4 $333 30% $100
1000 10 $1-2 $150 30% $45
1000 6 25c/50c $83 30% $25
1000 6 $2-4 $333 30% $100
1000 10 $1-2 $150 30% $45
1000 6 25c/50c $83 30% $25
1000 6 25c/50c $83 30% $25

*1000 raked hands represents approximately 5 hours of play on two tables.

Rakeback site of the month
Winner Poker

Winner Poker   

Rakeback:  70%   Network:  iPoker
Why should I choose RakeMeBack?
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  • Up to 135% Rakeback
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  • Earn up to 11% for referrals
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US Rakeback site of the month
Carbon Poker

Carbon Poker   USEU

Rakeback:  VIP   Network:  Merge Gaming

I have a limited bankroll, how do I grow it?

When newer players are starting out, not able to deposit large sums, or play at significant stakes, rakeback alone won't be a huge addition to your bankroll.  RakeMeBack provides a number of additional opportunities to grow your bankroll.

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