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The Merge Poker Network

Apparently, the Merge Poker network is one of the newest online poker networks around, but at a second glance, it might not pass as new at all.

While in its current form, it's only been around since February of 2007, it is actually a much older online poker initiative, dressed up in fancy new clothes and sold again to the same public. Don't get me wrong though, in online poker, buying a repackaged and revamped product often bears unexpected benefits for the player.

The reason I'm saying that Merge is not exactly a new player on the market, is, that it has basically been around since 2005 under the name: The Network name and structure has changed, however the players remained. With the new marketing approach that they've adopted, they've become fairly successful at attracting new players and expanding their network. no longer exists as a poker room per se, but it's still around, acting as a poker portal, funneling players towards the Merge network. What's so interesting about this network? You may wonder... Well, at first glance, not much except their high EV+ private tournaments. (seriously, there's some huge positive expected value in some of these games as the prize-pools are generous, and there are very few players competing in them)

Take a better look though, and you'll uncover much more value in the Merge network. Sites like Poker Nordica, Carbon Poker and Iron Duke Poker now offer rakeback. That's right, no mistake about this one.

Even though the Merge network used to be quite outspoken in the past against rakeback (the kind of rakeback that is not controlled by the network, but by the individual poker rooms instead), unbelievable as it may seem, Merge rakeback is a reality today.

What this does is that it pumps a lot more value into poker rooms like Poker Nordica. This, coupled with the value that's already in their tournaments, makes them a very attractive, albeit quite obscure little poker-spot.

I forgot to mention that they accept US players too. That means Nordica won't stay a secluded little EV-laden hideout for long.

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