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Like it or not, not all poker sites offer their players rakeback deals. Some of them are so loaded with players that their priority is not to entice new players and to secure the loyalty of existing ones. These guys are usually so popular that no ad campaign is required to let the world know about their existence. At this level, the cart gets rolling downhill and it gathers momentum as it goes, it doesn’t require any more pushing.

Despite the fact that it can be rather disheartening - especially for a player who knows the benefits of rakeback all too well) not to be able to secure a rake rebate deal in his favorite poker room, the good news is there are always viable alternatives. Take the PokerStars rakeback for instance, which doesn’t exist. You’re probably looking to join PokerStars on account of the high traffic volume, wide game selection and generous promotions it offers, but it turns out they won’t give you rakeback. You can get all that plus a bag of chips over at Full Tilt Poker, which offers you a 27% rakeback to top it all off too.

It doesn’t matter what site we’re talking about. The online poker industry has grown leaps and bounds in recent years and you’ll find alternatives for just about any operation that denies you the privilege of having a rakeback deal round up your bankroll.

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