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iPoker is currently one of the most successful online poker networks, which shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone, since it is built upon the industry-leader Playtech's well known and appreciated poker software.

In case you didn't know how poker networks worked and what it meant when you read that a poker room was part of this or that or the other poker network, I'll run it by you in a few words: every software manufacturer sells its product(s) to several companies. Most of these smaller enterprises do not possess the ability to develop their own software, so for a more or less reasonable fee, they become licensees of a powerful gaming software developer like Playtech.

A poker network consists of all the poker rooms using the software provided by the same manufacturer. If you take Club on the Park, No IQ Poker and Chilipoker for instance, you download the clients and start playing them, you'll notice some striking similarities in the way the programs look, feel and operate. That is because they're basically the same software, dressed up in different clothes. Do you know how windows media player can be customized using a variety of skins to make it look different? The same way, these poker rooms use skins to try to make their client software look unique. This is the reason why you'll often see these rooms called "skins".

Graphics-wise, Playtech's iPoker software looks up-to-date and will give you the choice to pick either an isometric 2D view or a 3D one, showing the players sitting at the table.

You have the possibility to select the full screen viewing mode, and to play multiple tables at the same time. ( hard rakeback players are all too aware of why this feature is useful ) In case you get bored ( which probably won't happen anyway ) there are side-games you can access at the click of a mouse, like slots and blackjack.

All these features are nice and pretty and all that , but what is the first thing you should be looking for when planning on joining an online poker room? Security, of course. After all, it's your own hard-earned money you're putting on the line, and the least you should expect is that it be treated with respect.

Being the company that it is, Playtech took well care of this aspect as well, by implementing anti-fraud and player-collusion detection technologies which pretty much guarantee that you'll get the bang for your buck that you came for. Player collusion used to be an issue that was previously regarded as impossible to solve, nowadays however, player betting patterns are kept under a close surveillance and any suspicious activities are filtered out with relative ease.

The iPoker network members are all guaranteed to have you matched up against real live and fair human opponents.