Poker Netwerken

At writing time, there are literally hundreds of different poker sites and poker skins out there. While some of them run completely independent of others using their own in-house developed software and technology, others have decided to create networks of sites to maximize the concurrent number of players and be able to efficiently target different markets creating a 24/7 online environment.

Typically the initiator behind a network is a software and technology company such as Microgaming or Cryptologic, who develop online gaming systems and online casino software. Under a subsidiary company, in Microgaming's case called Prima Poker, they then run operations - the network.

The biggest challenge for any new poker site or network of sites is player liquidity - without sufficient player liquidity you simply cannot attract new players! This is the clear cut advantage of networks over individual stand-alone sites. With numerous licensees working their respective markets and usually having existing user bases from other products it is easier to bring users together and create an interesting environment for the players to enjoy poker in.

This creates a competitive environment among the sites and networks, where some have gone as far as to engage themselves in price wars. These price wars are really the basis of rakeback.

By allowing affiliates, such as Rakemeback, to offer their players rake rebates or rakeback, the poker sites are able to gain an edge against each other and make their product the more attractive by comparison.

Here is a list of Networks we offer deals for: