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Rake type: Contributed
Player base: Huge
Skins: 47

Prima Poker is probably the network most commonly associated with rakeback.
With more than 45 full fledged partners it is also the biggest poker network of
sites on the market today.

As far as the software is concerned, I'm only going to tell you one name: Microgaming. Stability and functionality cannot be a problem in a Microgaming poker room; however I personally think that the graphics could've been a bit flashier. It looks a bit too dull and flat sometimes, but hey, if you play online poker for the same reason I do (to win money that is) you'll get over it, no problem.

If you're a chatterbox, you'll find the oversized chat box very appealing, as you don't need to browse through it all, every time you want to check who said what. The possibility to create personal tournaments and ring games is there, so whenever you feel like you're tired of being dragged around in the mud by complete strangers, invite some of your friends and have them drag you around for a change.

Seriously though, there's absolutely nothing I can think of, that the Microgaming software is weak at. Being one of the most respected names in the gambling industry, they are at the forefront of the anti-fraud battle. Poker rooms like Ace Flush Poker, Battlefield Poker, Bet365, Poker Share, and Purple Lounge come equipped with client server encryption and various Fraud Control Systems.

Since player collusion is the only truly serious issue, poker rooms are confronted with nowadays; Microgaming has developed software meant to make collusion detection easy. It tracks every single hand that is played in a Prima Network poker room and analyses the moves players make, in real time. Whenever the suspicion of collusion arises, hand histories from players involved are pulled from the archives and they're analyzed by human experts.

Whoever is found guilty of fraud will immediately suffer the consequences. In the Prima Poker Network, many of the partner-rooms are operations spun off from online casinos or sports books. What does this mean to you? Well, a steady trickle of sports-bettors and casino gamblers turned poker players for one thing. Because of the size of the network, there will never be a shortage of players and fish.

Their support system seems to be Achilles' heel in the whole Prima Poker Network setup. Every single room needs to go through Microgaming to settle player problems, and with more than 45 of them, this is no easy task for whoever's in charge. Plus Microgaming is involved in a plethora of other operations besides poker, so it will take a bit longer than usual to sort out your issues (if you run into any) at a Prima poker room.

Many of the Prima Poker member rooms are European-oriented. With the recent problems concerning American players, it's a natural step they've taken. Some of these rooms have tables where you can chat in other languages as well, not only in English, which is a welcome addition for those who do not speak English.

To sum things up: the Microgaming-powered Prima Poker network offers a quality gaming experience in a variety of poker rooms and with a very large variety of different promotions and tournaments. Diversity is the key concept here, and in that respect, Prima Poker is sure to deliver much more than your average poker network.

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