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Cake poker started back in 2004, when, according to their own website, a spirited team of gaming software developers (who were also poker players) got together to create a client software that would improve on all matters they considered essential in an online poker interface, and that would eliminate all the faults they found annoying about other poker rooms.

Leave it to poker players to create the perfect online poker room – as they say. Whether Cake Poker’s software is perfect or not is debatable, nonetheless, besides managing to start up a poker room of their own, they now provide software for a bunch of other online poker operations as well. They’ve succeeded in creating a poker network.
Given the fact that most of the poker rooms on the Cake network are rather young as poker rooms go, Cake offers rakeback, a pretty high percentage of it actually.
Their rooms feature relatively loose competition and pretty good fish-pools. In that respect I’d have to say there is good value in the Cake rakeback and the competition they provide.

One of the reasons for their swift emergence as a poker network is the fact that they accept U.S. players. The Tribeca Tables network which used to host some sites with excellent U.S. traffic was largely incorporated into the iPoker network. iPoker has some pretty rigid policies regarding both US players and rakeback, so no wonder many of the ex-Tribeca sites looked for other alternatives. is one of the Tribeca sites that found a new home on the Cake network, and is another.

Besides the above mentioned ventures, the Cake network also includes (which brought Paradise Poker’s "refugee" US player base along) and the Russian-oriented Red Star Poker, which is proving increasingly popular with players who want to enjoy the advantages of the generous Cake rakeback.