Do you have any money online to move around? If you're a poker player, you most certainly do. Depositing here, cashing out from there, moving money between two poker rooms: these are all familiar operations for players who are savvy enough to know about rakeback and to take advantage of it. Moneybookers, a free online eWallet represents the ideal solution for poker players. The company is based in London and it features over 10 million users currently.

For moving money from one poker room to another, Moneybookers is the right answer. Moneybookers is fast becoming one of the universally accepted payment and withdrawal options in the poker industry. Not only do most poker rooms support Moneybookers transfers, some even offer rewards for players who use this payment method. Your online poker deposits and withdrawals will be immediate ones and that's one benefit that's hard to top. You can also use your Moneybookers account for online shopping as there are currently over 50,000 online merchants who accept Moneybookers transfers, including Skype and

One of the biggest problems various deposit methods pose is that the deposited funds do not become available on the spot. With Moneybookers, that is no longer an issue. As soon as you hit that deposit button, the money is transferred and it becomes immediately available for use. Sending money to friends via Monebookers is a cinch as well. All you need is your friend's email address and you'll be able to send him/her the specified amount of money within a few seconds. What's more important, your friend doesn't even need to have a Moneybookers account at the time you send him/her the money: he/she can automatically open one up and fetch the money right away.

Of course, there are certain fees involved, but as a long time Moneybookers user I can tell you these are the most reasonable fees in the industry. Uploading funds to your Moneybookers account through the old fashioned bank transfer is cost free most everywhere and they are starting to introduce instant bank transfers now. Credit card uploads are charged 1.9% though. Transfers carry a 1% fee, up to a maximum of $0.80 or €0.50.

Moneybookers is a fully licensed financial institution. Regulated by the British Financial Services Administration, it is regulated like a bank and indeed one of the most trustworthy online payment solutions ever. They have over 350 employees, with headquarters in London, UK. Protect the privacy of your personal data (including your bank account details) with Moneybookers, while sending money or receiving funds.