Yatahay Poker Network VIP Deals

Rake type: Qualified Raked Hand
Player base: Small
Skins: 1

The Yatahay poker network was established in 2001, and it has quickly earned the distinction of being the first online poker room ever to offer 3D poker. Not a lot has changed since then as far as the quality of the software and player numbers are concerned. The player traffic is still pretty low and as fishy as it was in the very beginning. Somehow, even the juicy competition fails to attract new players these days. There isn’t really a single network member that stands out through its popularity. They’re pretty much all low-traffic poker rooms, which would explain why the network-wide traffic never really managed to take off either.

The software offered by the Yatahay poker network is decent. The graphics are good, though they’re quite old-school. Despite the 3D effects, game-speed remains good and the software stays stable under all circumstances. There isn’t really anything negative one can point out about the software except its dated look.

The network runs many freerolls and there are plenty of tournaments featuring buy-ins of up to $100. There aren’t many players in these tournaments though, and hence the prize-pools aren’t exactly what they could be either.

The sign-up bonuses offered by the various Yatahay network members are industry-standard ones. Some of the Yatahay poker rooms do offer rakeback though, which earns them a huge mark in the “+” column.